What Is The Best Self-Defense Technique?

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The best self-defense technique is to avoid situations that allows you to be percieved as a target to a possible attacker.

How To Avoid Being A Target

7 self-defense approaches that you need to know to prevent an attack from occurring include:

  • Travel in numbers
  • Stay in public areas
  • Follow directions (Don’t wander)
  • Turn on a cell phone light
  • Make a phone call and speak loudly
  • Play a loud alarm noise
  • Call 911

You can always equip products designed for self-defense.

New Self-Defense Product

The Hootie combines flashing a bright light with a loud, continuous alarm to keep attackers away.

Hootie, the Self Defense Keychain.

It is a perfect device to aid in practicing the best self-defense technique.

Hootie’s real-life demo here.

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